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If you're here, you’re probably already familiar with at least one of my musical projects. Perhaps you already know my shoegaze/dream-pop songs, released as Daniel Land, or with my previous band, Daniel Land & The Modern Painters. Or maybe you know the atmospheric landscape music I release under the name riverrun. You’ll find information about all of these things here. 

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UK Shows + New Videos + "Out of Season" Vinyl Release 

Hello everybody — and happy new year to you!

Today marks the official release date of the vinyl version of Out of Season

I’m incredibly happy with how the campaign has gone — the album has gone into distribution in the UK, China, and possibly (soon) the USA. It's outsold any other record I've made, and is actually in danger of selling out of it's physical edition. That's so crazy to me! 

A million thanks to anyone who bought the album, streamed it, joined my mailing list, or contacted me with kind words over the last few months.

Right now, there are around 60 copies of Out of Season in each format at my Bandcamp page — but if you want one, especially one of the Deluxe packages, I wouldn't hesitate.  At the time of writing, there are only 4 Deluxe LP versions of the album, and 9 Deluxe CDs left. 

Purchase Here

I’ve also got a few live shows planned for next year. I’m bringing my full band to Manchester and London for shows on 21 April and 22 April respectively — you can buy tickets for either of those shows here.

There will be other shows announced soon!

Also, this morning, I've released a new music video for the single (and album track) “Alison”, which you can view at my YouTube channel

I’d recommend following me there, as in the next few months I’ll be releasing a bunch of new things. Just today, for example, I’ve also released the first of a series of track-by-track explainer videos, talking about the background to Out of Season tracks, and the rest will be available soon. 

And in the coming weeks I'll be releasing three more music videos, a bunch of in-studio/making of clips, and a handful of visualiser videos accompanying some of the Alan Lidden “Deep Drone” ambient remixes of the album’s tracks!

Thanks to anyone who reads this; hope to see some of you at our gigs in 2024.

All the best 


"Another Year Older" Music Video + Bandcamp Friday 

Hello everyone!

Just this morning I've released the second music video from Out of Season. The video is for the track "Another Year Older", which you can view here: 

In line with the themes of the track, there are various embarrassing photos of me through the ages, which might raise a smile. The blonde Mohican look, circa 2003, has to be seen to be believed...

There's been some nice coverage of the album including this from Fame Magazine who call Out of Season a "Magnum Opus" and say that I'm a "Pioneer, utilizing shoegaze’s sonic palette to embark on an outward-looking exploration of memory, identity, and desire" (wow!)

Today is Bandcamp Friday, so time to hawk my wares again. If you still want to pick up a copy of the album, it's the best day, as Bandcamp waive all of their selling fees.

I've added some merch bundles to my shop, where you can purchase Out of Season along with its predecessor album The Dream of the Red Sails for a discounted price (which might be up to £10 savings for people who have to pay for overseas postage).

Plus, I've also added some limited items including one of the Out of Season test pressings, and souvenirs from the creation of the album — the track-sheets I use to keep a record of what instruments have been recorded. Everything is available for immediate dispatch.

Wishing you all the best for the festive season.



"Out of Season" released today on CD and download! 

Hello everyone

I'm delighted to announce that my new album, Out of Season, has been released this morning on CD and download!

It is available to purchase on those formats, or on limited edition Deep Sea Green vinyl*, at my Bandcamp store.

Deluxe editions of the album feature an album-length bonus CD, Island of Ghosts, featuring eight beautiful ambient remixes of Out of Season tracks.

At the time of writing there are only 15 of these left (of the initial run of 100) in each format, so don't hang around if you want one!

Thank you so much to everyone who purchased a copy of the album already, or who have sent me messages of support in the past few weeks. It means the world.

All the best


*The official vinyl release date is 26 January, 2024, but I will be dispatching any pre-orders from December 1st.


'Out of Season' — My New Album 

Hello everyone!

The long wait is over! My new album, Out of Season, is finally available to pre-order on CD, or limited Deep Sea Green LP, with bonus items including album-length ambient remix EP. 

You can pre-order it at the following link, ahead of the release date of 3 November.

Out of Season is an album about history, memory, and nostalgia.

I started writing it in late 2018, and put it together over the next two or three years — both in London, and in a makeshift studio in a caravan on the West Somerset coast. During this time, UK was tearing itself apart over its relationship to Europe.

This is not a political album — I have a kind of horror of overtly political music. But like anyone in the UK, I couldn't escape the atmosphere of that time. In particular, the exaggerated and distorted idea of “Englishness”, deep in the national psyche (what the Guardian writer John Harris calls “a set of terms and contradictions about our past”), seemed to illustrate the dangers of nostalgia, or rather the dangers of taking seductive — and possibly false — memories at face value.

Out of Season is about lots of things — my classic “themes” are memory and desire, and there's still plenty of that here. But the album is also a series of attempts to reclaim an older, more peculiar, and more diverse idea of England, which seemed to have been lost recently — the island of misfits and outsiders exemplified by the writings of Derek Jarman, for example, who I was re-reading when I was working on the album.

Derek Jarman had a deep, abiding love for England, but it was a very complicated, critical and queer kind of love — this was very much my mood, when making of this album.

Out of Season is also a love letter to the west coast of Somerset, a place of rugged, strange beauty that I had adored when I was growing up, but hadn't visited for around twenty years.

Starting in 2019, I've been spending increasing amounts of time there, and much of the work of taking Out of Season over the finishing line happened there too, including the shooting of three upcoming videos for “Idlewild”, "White Chalk", and “Southern Soul”.

I wanted artwork that reflected the look of this area, and I found it in the most fitting of places — in the paintings of my high school art teacher, Katy Barrell.

I'd wanted to collaborate with Katy since I was a student of hers in mid-1990s, and with this album I was finally able to do so. Katy's beautiful, semi-abstract landscapes grace the covers of both Out of Season, and the bonus EP, Island of Ghosts.

I've put a lot of care and attention into this release, and I'm delighted (and, I admit, a little nervous) to share it with the world! I hope you like it too.




Out of Season — 3 November 2023

1. Alison
2. White Chalk
3. Lemon Boy
4. Island of Ghosts
5. Another Year Older
6. Southern Soul
7. Out of Season
8. Idlewild
9. Put Your Broken Arrows Down
10. Summerhome by the Sea
11. Wolf Moon

New Album - More Studio Footage! 

Hello everyone!

I'm delighted to share a preview of another track from my upcoming album. 

This is an instrumental snippet of what will be the title track. It's another of the more upbeat tracks on the album, but with a much darker feel than some of the other tracks — and one of the most unusual chord sequences I've come up with. 

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Thanks as always to anyone who sees this..

Daniel x

Another Studio Clip 

Hello, lovely people!

Here's a preview of another track from my upcoming album. Like the last one, it's of the more upbeat tracks on the album, perhaps to counteract the impression given by the two singles I've released so far ('White Chalk' and ‘Wolf Moon’), which were verrrry slow!

Also just to say that anyone on my mailing list will have early bird access to album pre-orders, including a discounted price, and some bonus items not available elsewhere. So, sign up to my mailing list here to be among the first to hear when the album is available to order.

All the best


New Album of Songs - Studio Clips 

Hello everyone

As I gear up for the release of a new album of songs, I'm sharing various clips from the creation of the record on my YouTube channel, and my Facebook and Instagram profiles.

First up is this studio clip from the recording of the bass line of the album's opening songs. It's one of the more upbeat tracks on the album.

People on my mailing list will have early bird access to album pre-orders including a discounted price and some bonus items not available elsewhere. So, make sure to sign up to my mailing list here to be among the first to hear when the album is available to order.

Looking forward!



Live shows playing guitar in Darkher 

Hello everyone

There'll be news on my next album very, very soon, but in the meantime, just a quick update to say that after a decade-long gap I'm working with Darkher again, playing guitar in various upcoming shows!

I've contributed a little bit of guitar and some backing vocals to all the Darkher records, but this is the first time in a decade since I've done any real shows with Jayn, since my time in her previous band, The Steals.

Folks in the Manchester area might be interested in our next show, at Todmorden Unitarian Church on Saturday 26 August. Tickets here if anyone fancies it

FYI Todmorden is an easy journey from Manchester Victoria, and the venue is 5 mins walk from the station. I'll post details of other shows as and when I know what they are!

All the best



My New Single - "Wolf Moon" 

Hello everyone,

Today is the first full moon of the new year – the Wolf Moon, to be precise – and also the birthday of my bandmate, Gary, so this seemed like an auspicious day to drop an album teaser called, appropriately enough, "Wolf Moon". 

Anybody on my mailing list will have received a free download of the track this morning. If you want a free download, either:

"Wolf Moon" is the somewhat-proggy closing track to what will be my upcoming album of songs. Like the previous single, "White Chalk", it's a little on the slow side – perhaps not fully representative of an album which, while it has its fair share of sad-gaze, also has plenty of light, upbeat and jangly moments. 

But more details on all of that shortly. For now, at the beginning of what will be a busy few years of releases, I just want to thank my small but dedicated band of listeners for waiting patiently while I got my shizzle sorted out, and to wish you a happy new year, and a peaceful and prosperous 2023. 



Watch this space... 

Happy new year, everybody!

Make sure to check back here on Friday, 6 January 2023 for the announcement of some new music. Alternatively, you can sign up to my mailing list at this page to receive an email update on the day. 

Looking forward...



And receive a free 5-track EP!

Local man Daniel Land brings his five-piece live band to Tiverton for the first time in over 8 years, warming up for his UK tour supporting his new album "Out of Season". This will be a full-length, full band headline show with an additional short DL solo set at the beginning. Support TBC.

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Daniel Land brings his five-piece live band to Holt Vinyl Vault on Saturday 20 April, for a special in-store performance celebrating Record Store Day.

Daniel and his band will be playing a set of approximately 45 minutes, followed by a signing session where Daniel will be selling copies of his critically acclaimed new album, "Out of Season".

This will be a non-ticketed event, and we can only encourage those who are keen to get there in good time, whilst recognising that Holt Vinyl Vault will still be functioning as a record shop, and looking to shift as much vinyl as possible before 4pm.

Free drinks will be available for those who stay on for the signing session.

Entrance is FREE. However, please note the early start time of 4pm!

Hope to see you there!

Daniel Land brings his five-piece live band to Manchester for the first time in five years, supporting his new album "Out of Season". This will be a full-length, full band headline show with an additional short DL solo set at the beginning. Support TBC.

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